Aid for Deserving High School Track and Field Athletes

Male and female high school athletes need all the help that they can get from well-meaning members of the community. At The Potomac Valley Athletics Foundation, we aim to provide young track and field competitors with the scholarship grants and the equipment that they need. This can only be possible if we all contribute our share towards achieving this noble goal.

Support our track and field fundraisers for young athletes. Get in touch with us to make a donation.

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The fundraising campaign we have at The Potomac Valley Athletics Foundation in Germantown, Maryland, aims to gather financial support for high school track and field athletes. Your monetary donations will be used to fund the scholarship grants that we wish to give to deserving young athletes.

With your support, we'd also like to provide sporting equipment and materials as well as organize events and track meets to promote track and field.

The Potomac Valley Athletics Foundation is a proud member of the National Throws Coaches Association. Since 2012, we have been actively supporting the sport through promotional materials that instill awareness about track and field among the youth. As part of our advocacy, we also aim to develop young track and field competitors further so that they can achieve more in the sport. At the same time, they also obtain the financial assistance they need to pursue a college education.

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