Donate to Fund Scholarship Grants for Track Athletes

Help us provide talented high school athletes with the financial support that they need. The Potomac Valley Athletics Foundation in Germantown, Maryland, wishes to provide scholarship grants to young female and male track and field athletes to help them achieve their goals. You can be part of this worthwhile undertaking by making financial donations.

Help Develop Future Track Stars

The popularity of track and field as a sport has been declining in recent years owing to the lack of support from high school athletic departments and foundations. This is why we see the need to make more people aware of this and the importance of reviving interest in the sport. We can achieve this only if we have the financial means to involve more people in our support programs. This way, we can possibly develop future track stars from our young crop of athletes. At the same time, we can also succeed in bringing back the excitement that track and field competition offers as a spectator sport.

Make Donations Now

By making tax-deductible donations, you are able to do your share in promoting the sport. Young and deserving track and field athletes also get the opportunity to pursue a career in sports and a college education.

  • Scholarship Grants 
  • Sporting Equipment 
  • Special Events
  • Track Meets
  • Equipment Rentals 
  • Facility Rentals
  • Insurance Requirements
All donations will be used to fund the following:

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